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Cotton spinning enterprises to "winter tonic?"

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    "Last year, how much to eat, it seems this year to spit it out." Industry insiders have commented the current cotton situation. Efficiency of the sector from reaching a record high last year, to the current difficulties, the cotton spinning industry, like a roller coaster ride, from a high point and turn back to the lows, as the weather turns cold, the industry ahead into the "winter" is an indisputable the fact.

    Hebei, a yarn company official told reporters, now reduced orders, and the price is very low, "almost no money." In order to ensure cash flow, can barely maintain production.

    It stands to reason, cotton prices fell, cotton spinning enterprises will reduce raw material costs, but the prices of cotton yarn prices have even more. "Last year, cotton prices rose, eyes closed can make money, cotton prices fell today, the product is also a backlog." Shandong, a well-known person in charge of the cotton spinning enterprises that are buying up people's minds or not to buy, then the beginning of the list, to the end of cotton has declined, drastically reduced profits, many small businesses have been caught around the loss.

    In a small business survey, when asked "How many companies in the full capacity", the scene of more than 20 outstanding enterprises in cotton, and only less than 80% of people raised their hands. This also means that the best cotton spinning enterprise in China, 20 percent of companies do not operate at full capacity, more small businesses are being or have been in a shutdown state.

    If the analysis of the reasons for this phenomenon, from abroad, the European and American debt crisis is still up in the air, which directly caused the downturn in external demand, a direct consequence of lack of orders. Domestic front, inflationary pressures, the yuan continues to appreciate, the financial policy of austerity, rising energy and labor costs, fluctuations in cotton prices are factors that affect the industry's stable development.

    It is in this context, the chief engineer of the China Cotton Textile Forum 2011 on November 24 to 25, held in Nantong. As the industry's most influential annual event is one of the total national industrial forum attracted more than 300 companies from more than 550 attended. China Textile Industry Association Vice Chairman and General Gao Yong, vice chairman Xu Ying, China Textile Industry Association and other industry leaders, Zhu North Na, and Jiangsu Textile Industry Association, Xie Ming attended the forum. The meeting focused analysis of the current difficult situation facing the industry, clarifying the future direction of the industry, everyone agreed that, only to speed up scientific and technological progress, improve the quality of management, increasing product innovation in order to overcome the current difficulties, to ensure sustainable and healthy industry development.

    Data is hidden behind the bright
    On the surface, industry data or "very good", but the growth rate has decreased significantly. Of particular note, due to statistical changes, this year's data is based on the 20 million yuan output value of enterprises above designated size, based on the real situation of SMEs and not reflected.

    Cotton spinning industry is the basis for the textile industry sector, is the industry benchmark, the quality of the cotton industry a great impact on the whole textile industry. "Purchasing and storage priced at 19,800 yuan / ton, and now the market price or even less than this price, sales or difficult, gauze no longer marketable, not only affects the cotton, on the whole industry has a great influence." Xu Ying that Although the cotton industry in recent years in terms of production capacity, quality levels, equipment, etc. are in the world, occupies an important position. But after the financial crisis, from low to high cotton prices, the debt crisis in Europe and America now has a direct impact on foreign demand, cotton has fallen sharply, to the industry resulting in new difficulties, especially since the second half of this year, growth was significantly reduced.

    Xu Ying cited a series of industry economic data, gauze output, exports, profits have double-digit growth, the surface, data or "very good", but the growth rate has decreased significantly. Of particular note, due to statistical changes, this year's data is based on the 20 million yuan output value of enterprises above designated size, based on the "digital good, but SMEs do not reflect the real situation." Xu Ying concluded the current industry is characterized as "production growth slowed, demand", and the greatest pressure is to reduce the market demand.

    Xie Ming has the same feelings last year, the industry situation is excellent, with the "prosperity" is not too much to describe, but since the second half of this year, the market downturn, lack of demand, Jiangsu enterprises are facing the same problem.

    Gao Yong believes that the cotton industry, sign of trouble, but also to affect the textile industry. Industry is facing volatile raw material prices, labor costs, lack of internal and external needs of multiple factors, the Chinese textile industry is entering a high-cost era.

    The strategic direction of the high-cost era
    In the high-cost era, how companies go? Gao Yong suggested that, given a good foundation conditions for the cotton spinning industry, the next industry to high-speed, high-yield, automated, intelligent direction.

    In fact, carding equipment, has been popular in the cotton spinning industry, small networks have small quantities associated equipment used, thickness of the joint network has also started the layout. Gao Yong is expected within a few years the cotton industry will achieve full automation of the production chain. This year's cotton spinning equipment market also proves the high courage to judge, in such a difficult situation, cotton, yarn spinning frame with auto sales down more than 2 million. Gao Yong suggested cotton textile technicians and technical staff joint research in automation, based on the establishment of an expert diagnostic system and feedback system, and strive to achieve cotton production in 10 years the whole process of intelligence. For the intelligent, high-image of courage to do the explanation is that cotton plant "little people of the day and night unmanned."

    Wen-Ying Xu also shared his feelings, he believes that China's textile industry textile and power the next decade to achieve the goal, technology is the first "second five" plan proposed the development of industrial upgrading, the road to go. At present, domestic cotton spinning equipment has been able to meet the needs of high-end products, but like some of the key equipment such as automatic winding number can not meet their needs. The next step will adhere to the scientific development of the industry, increase the elimination of backward production capacity, improve labor productivity, the industry is always in a favorable competitive position.

Equipment quality concern
    Textile machinery and textile equipment companies to join together to continuously improve the level of equipment to ease the cost pressure on the cotton spinning industry.

    Special pieces of equipment will have a direct impact on the level of quality yarn, so the total work has been the topic of concern to one of the Forum, participants of high courage, so that we have on this topic more in-depth discussion. "Do not underestimate the special pieces of equipment, such as steel rings, clothing, spindles, rollers and so reflects the level of today's leading technology." Gao Yong believes that to achieve the small parts are cheap, long life, is not easy, which embodies a multi-disciplinary cross, from the material to the overall process should be improved, but also meticulous management. Sort out the current MCC and other basic equipment to meet international advanced level, but the steel collar, wire ring with international standards such as a gap, in order to reduce the bead and the gap between the international level, several companies jointly set up a bead "bead of industrial technology Union "to solve life problems. Gao Yong hopes textile equipment and textile companies together to continuously improve the level of equipment to ease the cost pressure on the cotton spinning industry.

    In the market downturn, when many companies are eager to cotton combing effect by improving the quality of yarn to enhance and improve market competitiveness. As the leader in clothing, Kingland Kechuang Inc. combing equipment over the years has consistently ranked in the quality of the world. Kingland Kechuang chairman Lu Ting said that the current financial crisis since the cotton industry faced another challenge, clothing manufacturers is also an opportunity in the current situation, companies should adopt a "tonic in winter, spring, tiger" strategy , the textile industry to meet the next spring.

    Enduring Cheats
    Companies can not rely on the movement of cotton profitable, cotton Change is external factors that can really last laugh businesses, those products must be of good quality and low production costs, new products, high labor productivity of the enterprise.

    If the challenges and the financial crisis last anything different, it is that the financial crisis affected business in general, but now the situation is good business and bad business polarization is more serious. During the interview, a company official said Henan, "order is still adequate, did not suffer any impact." The company is preparing to downstream apparel industry. Another company specializing in fiber differentiation has not been the impact of cotton fell, the company production and sales are stable.

    It is said that cotton spinning enterprise "as also in cotton, cotton is also lost." However, the former chairman of Anhui Huamao Textile Co., Ltd. Hua Guanxiong do not agree. He believes that companies can not rely on the movement of cotton profitable, cotton Change is external factors that can really last laugh of the company, those products must be of good quality and low production costs, new products, high labor productivity of the enterprise. Pharmanex is also to set up 50 years to remain profitable has proved himself is the "last laugh of the company."

    Hua Guanxiong details Huamao enduring secret, that is grasping the "five quality." First, indicators of quality, yarn quality has reached a level of 25% Uster is not difficult, but this indicator is not enough for users to assess the worst indicator of the quality to do the worst customer satisfaction is the real high quality. Second is the kind of quality to ensure the reduction of yarn defects, although it is difficult, but doing better in order to achieve the highest level. The third is to ensure long-term stable quality, easy to make a number of yarn, a month is not difficult to do, difficult few years as one day. Only year round to maintain high quality in order to win high-end customers at ease. Fourth, we should pay attention to the quality of transport packaging products to maintain a high quality in production, but also to ensure high quality products in users' hands. The fifth is to ensure service quality, service is not an ordinary visit and listen to opinions, to let customers use their own production of fine quality.

    Revolutionary breakthrough in labor productivity
    In improving labor productivity, companies tend to focus more on cutting-edge technology breakthroughs at the expense of the driving force behind innovation and more effective management of the promotion, the driving force and effective management is to minimize inefficiencies and waste.

    With labor costs rising, cotton spinning business recruitment difficulties, attracted also unable to retain the status quo plaguing the normal production. This reporter has learned that a company has introduced advanced production equipment, but suffer from being unable to recruit workers, equipment has been idle production capacity can not be formed. The relocation of Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Co., Ltd. has not yet completed, the key problem is the staff employment issues, chief engineer He Shuangxi specially to attend the general public forum, according to his words: "We now want most to reduce labor, see see what a good experience. "

    Ten thousand labor only 25, this record is the industry benchmark for enterprise to create a cotton Wuxi. At the Forum, the director Zhou Ye shared his successful experience of raising labor productivity. Zhou Ye said, we tend to focus more on improving labor productivity in the advanced technology breakthroughs at the expense of the driving force behind innovation and more effective management of the promotion. Zhou Ye said management is "to minimize the inefficiencies and waste." Wuxi, a cotton bold reform methods of operation, re-division of a combination of complex subject matter professionals do to make the process easy and efficient, to bring the process to reduce the unreasonable inefficiencies. Such as equipment maintenance way to break the cycle of decades of flat cars in use, wipe car, abolished the preservation of their counterparts in the transfer of maintenance, operation maintenance mechanic working system, creating device dynamic service method. This model has stood the test of time, equipment, operation efficiency, bad car is low, a significant reduction in employment. In addition, the management of individual workers, to establish a scientific evaluation system, continuous technological progress, a sound training system, information technology management experience is a cotton Wuxi means of increasing labor productivity. From the 1990s to the present 100 000 500 000, Wuxi, a cotton reduced employment from 8,000 to 2,000, the income of employees more than quadrupled, labor productivity increased more than tenfold.

    Forum, from Shandong Demian, Qingdao Associated Textiles, Shandong Lutai, Suzhou Sky, Jiangsu Tong Yu, Kingland Kechuang, Jiangnan University, and other businesses and institutions, technical experts presented their companies in product development, technological innovation, emerging technologies, equipment, reducing costs and other aspects of successful experience, universally praised by the participants.

    China Textile Industry Association has added three new features based enterprise quality and held the ceremony. Jiangsu Health Group Co., Ltd. won the "China Textile fine cellulose fiber base"; Nantong Textile Ltd, double hung, "China's chemical fiber yarn quality base"; Hunan Yunjin Group Co., Ltd. was "China's new denim fiber yarn production characteristics Base ".

    Wonderful view
    Operating profit by cotton, which is speculation. Only reform the management system, strengthen the management of fine cotton spinning business is long-term survival, this road we must follow, otherwise sooner or later die. - China Textile Industry Association, Honorary Vice President of Hua Guanxiong

    The current economic times, is a fast reaction times, is no longer ones devour the competition rules, but fast fish eat slow fish. Whether fiber suppliers, yarn or fabric buyers, only rapid and effective response, in order to gain the upper hand in the market competition. - Qingdao Associated Textiles Industry Holding Group Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zhi-Qiang Qin

    In the current global economic downturn by managing change and innovative ways to improve labor productivity is one of the most rapid and effective way, and management innovation is the essence of the restructuring of production factors. - The first cotton mill manager Wuxi Ye Zhou

    Right now the textile industry since the financial crisis faced yet another challenge, the industry into the "winter", saying the old saying goes, "tonic in winter, spring, tiger," Wheel to tide over the crisis with a textile company, under the textile industry to meet a spring. - Wheel Co., Ltd., Lu Ting Kechuang