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Add: Jiangsu Changshu City Dong Bang Guanzhi Industrial Park

  Changshu Xin Xin Textile Factory Located a long history, beautiful scenery, numerous properties around the city of Changshu, enterprises to engage in 1984, covers an area of ​​6800 square meters, annual production of all kinds of woolen cloth 1.8 million meters, the main products are: Melton it, students do, tartan, jacquard it, circle it, brushed it and other woolen fabrics, fancy fabrics. Products are sold to more than 20 provinces, cities and exported to Japan, Russia, more than 10 countries and regions, annual sales of 100 million yuan, ranking the region cost the same industry.Company from spinning to weaving to the dyeing and finishing, there is a set of advanced equipment and skilled operators.

  Under the leadership of Chairman all employees adhere to customer first, quality first, honesty as a management philosophy, and market-oriented, fashion-based, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence. Welcome new and old friends to visit us, negotiate and order.