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Contact: Shen manager
Tel: 0512-52687220 
Fax: 0512-52687005
E-mail: xingxin@csxxmf.com
Add: Jiangsu Changshu City Dong Bang Guanzhi Industrial Park

Business philosophy: technology and equipment on behalf of industry-leading level, the grade on behalf of the industry to pursue the target species, on behalf of the industry recognized quality brand.

Development Concept: a sense of crisis to overcome the crisis, in order to win the competitive spirit of competition, to achieve safe, efficient, and sustainable development.

Tenet: quality assured, variety Hexin, price Heart, service happy.

Operating principles: the quality of legislation factory, brand Societe Generale.

Management philosophy: people-oriented, scientific management.

Work style: efficient, innovative, rigorous, and pragmatic.

Business goals: world-class.

Corporate values​​: the creation of wealth, contributing to society.