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Prop up the market price of cotton purchasing and storage or fully stabilized

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2011/12/26 9:39:55 Hits:2346
     Despite the global economic crisis and uncertainty due to European debt increase, the demand facing downside risks, prices continued to fall, but the bulk of agricultural products in the domestic market, due to the national minimum purchasing and storage prices have been put at the bottom of the market price of agricultural products become increasingly clear.

     In the cotton fields, the Ministry of Finance announced last week that imports of goods policy, will be the adjusted imported cotton slip-tax policy. According to calculations, the cotton market, implementation of the new sliding tax policy, the overall cost of imported cotton in 2012 than in 2011, and when the foreign price of cotton at 80 cents / pound to 82 cents / lb, between the spread reached 500 yuan / ton, the highest level. Out cotton price is less than 50 cents / lb and above 100 cents / lb, the old and new sliding tax cost of imported cotton under quite. Cotton suits offer 51 cents / pound to 57 cents / lbs, the spread is negative, is conducive to foreign imports of cotton, but cotton prices have fallen this year outside of the range is unlikely.

     Tianqi futures analyst Chen Shumin that now, more than foreign cotton price of 95 cents / pound, sliding tax policy adjustments on imported cotton costs less affected. However, in view of the global economic crisis-ridden, countries generally weak consumer demand, China's textile export situation is not optimistic, with stagnant demand for cotton is expected to continue down the international cotton prices, when prices fell to 80 cents / lb range about the new sliding tax policy is bound to increase in the coming year, the cost of imported cotton. This is the price of cotton for the future protection of the meaning obvious.